Ever wonder what it would take to put a solar energy system on your rooftop? The New Orleans Solar Calculator can help you estimate:

Solar Energy Potential on Your Rooftop
  1. How much solar energy potential is available on your roof
  2. How much a solar energy system may cost you
  3. How much you can save on your electricity bill if you install a solar energy system
  4. How much your solar energy system may reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  5. About nearby solar energy installation companies
  6. About the solar energy facilities other New Orleans customers have already installed

In addition, our map can help you find a local solar professional, and locate existing solar energy facilities in New Orleans.
The City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana offer a variety of resources and tools to help residents save money on their energy bills, while building a more sustainable future for our community.

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Costs and Incentives

The form below shows the values used to estimate the costs and incentives for this system.

Size (kW):
Cost / W ($):
Gross Cost ($):
Rebates ($):
Production Rebates ($):
Fed. Tax Credits ($):
State Tax Credits ($):
Net Cost ($):
System Inputs

Modify inputs below to run another simulation for the same location.

Size (kW):
Tilt angle (°):
Azimuth angle (°):
Cost / W ($):
Cost / kWh ($):
Rebates ($ / kWh):
Fed. Tax Credits (%):
State Tax Credits (%):
System Outputs

This table shows the amount of electricty (kWh) generated by this system each month, and the dollar amount that those values translate into.

*Value based on an electric rate of / kWh